Provide the Power That You Need

Provide the Power That You Need

Install a new electrical service panel in your building for additional energy

When you use multiple appliances or plug in additional electronics, do your lights flicker? Do you notice that you don't have as much electricity as you need to power your appliances completely? You can supply more by installing a new electrical service panel.

Adjustable Services performs comprehensive electrical panel upgrades and installations. You'll love working with our team because:

  • We're licensed and certified
  • We follow safety guidelines carefully
  • We install high-quality panels
When we're through, you can rest assured that your electrical service panel provides electricity with complete dependability. Reach out to us now for a free estimate on panel installation services.

Replace an old electrical service panel to increase your safety

An old electrical service panel is likely to be faulty, especially if it was produced by Zinsco, Sylvania or Federal Pacific. Panels from these once industry-leading companies are often fire and shock hazards. To ensure you and your home are safe, replace your old electrical service panel right away.