Electrical rewiring

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We do electrical rewiring in Concord, NC

Don't trust just any electrician to rewire your home. Adjustable Services has been providing electrical rewiring and service panel installation services to residents of Concord, NC for over five years. If you need your electrical panel replaced, new outlets installed or light fixtures repaired, we can make it happen. You can count on us to repair your electrical issues quickly and with care. If your wiring is outdated, we can rewire your or business or home, too.

Rewiring your home will allow you to use all of your electrical devices with confidence and help you avoid electrical outages and fires. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your electrical rewiring project.

4 signs you need to replace your electrical panel

You can trust an electrician at Adjustable Services to replace your electrical panel in Concord, NC. Outdated electrical panels can lead to system overloads and, in extreme cases, fires.

You should replace your electrical panel if:

  1. Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  2. Your lights dim when you turn on appliances
  3. You have to use extension cords or adapters for additional electric outlets
  4. Your electrical panel is more than 30 years old

Call 704-784-0728 today to schedule an electrical panel upgrade. We'll make sure you can use all of your electrical appliances whenever you need to.