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Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement, and Service

Summer weather in the Charlotte area is hot and humid, and local residents rely on their central air conditioner to keep the indoor environment cool, healthy and energy efficient. An AC system that’s professionally designed and installed will provide years of trouble-free operation no matter how severe the outdoor weather may be.

Why Proper Air Conditioning Sizing Matters

Homeowners often complain about uneven temperatures in different rooms, especially in the summer. This is a condition usually caused by air conditioning systems that are oversized and inefficient. Experienced contractors run a full set of load calculations that include the impact of doors, windows, insulation and perimeter tightness on the total cooling load. When your air conditioner is sized properly, you’ll experience superior comfort and better efficiency.

Complete AC Services

Our trained and NATE certified technicians provide a wide array of critical services that cover every phase of the equipment lifecycle.

AC Installation: Modern cooling systems are built to last, but the installing contractor will have the most significant impact on performance and longevity. Qualified HVAC contractors understand the science behind air movement and the refrigeration cycle. On the jobsite, our mechanics ensure the equipment is installed properly, and all duct connections are tightly strapped and sealed. When we’re inside your home or office, we strive to maintain a strict schedule and clean work area in order to minimize the disruption to your family’s daily routine.

AC Repair: Air conditioners always seem to malfunction on the hottest days of summer, so it’s important to partner with an HVAC contractor who maintains an active and responsive service department. We have a full staff of trained service techs who have worked on virtually every brand of equipment. If you have an emergency, we offer 24/7 service for catastrophic situations.

AC Maintenance: Air conditioners contain a variety of moving parts and sensitive electronic components. You’ve made a serious investment in your comfort system, so doesn’t it make sense to keep your air conditioner operating at peak performance? A preventive maintenance agreement can help improve comfort, reduce operating costs and extend the life of your equipment. During the spring, our technicians visit your home or office to perform a variety of tests, inspections and calibrations designed to expose small problems before they cause a costly breakdown during the heat of summer.

Comprehensive AC Solutions

If you live in Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg or Kannapolis, call us today for complete air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services. We’ll help keep your cooling equipment operating at peak efficiency so your family will stay comfortable all summer long.

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